About Us

Aedcubar is a company that has been operating for years in the automation field.
Characterized by a modus operandi called “tailoring automation”, today Aedcubar is proud to have a strong international presence, dealing with different activities in different sectors.
The design studio creates different industrial electrical systems: processing and distribution of energy, supervision and control systems, command and data acquisition systems.







In Mexico, in the Gulf of Mexico, in Celaya, Guanajuato state.
It is a region in the center of the country with important historical events from the war of independence (1710) and the Mexican Revolution (1810).
Now, it is the center with the greatest industrial growth in the country, in different sectors, such as agribusiness, foods and a focus on the automotive industry.
It also has a geographical position of utmost importance to North America on a logistical level, due to its connections by land, rail and air.
Therefore, trade and services are world class, but above all, the people make this part of ​​Mexico one of the most attractive places to visit, to get to know, to do business and to live.


Aedcubar starting from Celaya widens his eyes to the world.